Tan 24 hours a day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year

Add unlimited tans to any FIT24 membership for only $15/month. Take advantage of the time saving convenience of working out and tanning within the same facility. FIT24 features 2 of the Sun Capsule 48-200, 10 minute commercial booths. Using high powered bulbs this tanning booth allows a short maximum tan time of only 10 minutes. Get a great tan after or before your workout. It’s easy, affordable, and fast.

Why a tanning booth over a tanning bed? It’s a proven fact that you will get a better tan with a booth without the white spots and lines that are typical when using a tanning bed. Booths are also cleaner because your body does not touch the acrylic surface while you are tanning. Beds put your body against an acrylic surface that is shared with hundreds of other people. Even if the bed is sanitized after every use, there is still body juice residue left behind and that is just plain disgusting.​