1. How to Set Smart Fitness Goals

    We have probably all been there — you’re celebrating the New Year, or you’re envying your friend’s beach pictures on Instagram, and you tell yourself that this is the year you get in shape. More often than not, that goal slips past you and you find yourself in the same place the next year, wishing you had done more. Fit24 & Prana Fitness is here to help you break the cycle, with a 24-h…Read More

  2. Top Tips for Starting a New Fitness Program

    Staying healthy and in shape is important. It’s not just about looks — staying fit can decrease your risk of disease, boost your energy, and increase your quality of life. You’ll not only look better, you’ll feel better! Fit24 and Prana Fitness & Yoga is here to achieve your fitness goals with a 24-hour fitness center, workout classes, personal training services, and more. Whether you …Read More